Monday, December 8, 2014

the wildflower gathering

we've been busy dreaming over here lately, and i am so thrilled to share with you what's on the horizon!

*the wildflower gathering*-a monthly self care project, the love child of jewelry artist Jodi Bond  & myself. It is a monthly gathering of bravery + love + freedom to whisper into your life through hand stamped jewelry, mixed media art, & various forms of handmade goodies crafted with care!

you can subscribe via etsy: or

we are also hosting a giveaway for the first months gathering..make sure you are following @loudnonsense & @marywangerin (on instagram) , repost this photo, & use #thewildflowergatheringgiveaway. The first package goes out January 15th!

with tangled hair i twirl, messy, & free. i believe in honesty: raw, messy, beautiful, ugly honesty, a heart full of wonder, & eyes of grace. i spend my days hammering out life giving words of self love & boldness on bits i finds here & there. i especially love to re-purpose old spoons, leave bits undone, & to encourage folks to find beauty in messes.
(more ways to connect with Jodi here!):
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instagram: @loudnonsense

I believe in getting my hands messy with paint, treasuring moments, and in finding happiness in the details. ♥
I believe in creating art that tells the truth. In honoring your beautiful, wild spirit + joyful heart. And in greeting each day with wide open arms, ready to embrace possibility, mystery, + grace.
Thank you for letting us dream out loud. 
So much love to you, friends. 

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  1. what a beautiful offering by two lovely, creative, brave souls! <3 so thrilled for you both. xo