Monday, March 30, 2015

This is home

We spent most of the day yesterday outside. Taking deep breaths and basking in the healing powers of the sunshine. Can you just feel the peace here?
The birds sang their glorious songs + the butterflies danced about. The rushing water of the creek was sweet music to our ears.
It's times like these I'm overcome with such gratitude that this is home.

(The view from our deck:)
My sweetie and I have been hit pretty hard with a terrible case of the sickies. I'm so thankful for these days where we allow for rest. (This seems to be pretty hard for us both!) We built a cocoon out of blankets and laid on the deck until the sun disappeared and gave thanks for all that is good.



  1. Inspiration is Everywhere. It's wonderful to Love where you live, isn't it? Yours is Truly a slice of Heaven:) Laura

  2. Your blog is beautiful! Thank you for your inspiration, both in your uplifting words and your creative and joyful art. Visiting your site has been a wonderful start to my day! 🌍Marti