Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i love a good spruce.

as promised, here are a few snap shots of the newly spruced living room...
but first! check out the "BEFORE":

The wall above the couch was filled with vintage family photos. I liked the idea, but it looked a little heavy.
Here is the "AFTER":  miss-matched white frames with some of my favorite papers.

I can hardly stand how cute Leo looks, too. He is so big now!
This lamp is sitting on an old wooden crate. The opening is used to store magazines.
Cute little fellow.
This is a baby fan. Found it in my parent's basement.
what are your recent re-dos?
ps who else is excited about the long weekend coming up?!


  1. I love the new pictures above your couch! It is adorable. The crate idea too is awesome. I am SO excited for this long weekend!! You doing anything fun for it?

  2. Thanks, Meghan!
    I think we are heading to the coast...:) Hopefully get a little relaxing in! What about you? <3

  3. I can't wait for the weekend! It's Joel birthday so it shall be fun. Have fun at the coast. I love the new gallery wall above your sofa. Cute. And Leo is very adorable! But my Luna is pretty cute too ;)

    P.S. did you get my guest post email? I really hope you participate. I used polyvore to make mine.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to Joel!
    I think Leo and Luna would be great friends:)

    I did get your email...I love the idea and I hope to get started on it tonight!