Thursday, May 19, 2011

surviving on happiness

happiness is my state of mind. it's how i've been getting through
the 9hrs of class, the 3.5 hr commute, the nightly homework.

to whine and complain about how difficult it all is, now that is the easy part.
not this week! i am focusing on the happy. thats right.
strong morning coffee. wonderful music filling my ears during the commute. hearing birdies chirping in the sunshine. filling pages of notes with colorful highlighting. its all in the details.

this morning, i took some pictures for you!

5:30am. you can see the tired in my eyes.

one of the most gorgeous drives in oregon. have you been here? hwy 22. on my way to i-5!
taking pictures while driving. takes a bit of talent, and a bit of delirium to attempt such a task.

check out the color of that sky. gorgeous.

for those of you who dont know this tidbit - just a few months ago I was hired at State Farm in Salem. this week, i am working on Life and Health insurance licensing. if any of you have your license in this area, you know what i am talking about. definitely not for wimps! and boy, do i feel like a wimp some days. i test june 1st. until then, you will find my nose in the textbooks...

it has helped my brain so much to keep design magazines and an inspiration notebook in my car. the perfect little boost after long periods of lecture to give my mind what it is really craving:).
up next: before and after photos of a little home decorating project i finished last weekend. plus, sneak peaks on a few new art pieces i've been working on!



  1. That is so fantastic my darling friend! I'm proud of you for finding happiness where most find complaints. :) BTW, I LOVE your outfit for school! You look fantastic! Keep up that beautiful smile.

  2. A girl who can delight in the color of the sky is gonna be ok. GREAT inspiration, here. And yes, the HWY 22 is a great road to travel. Because of you, TODAY I will grab a highlighter and use it on my own HAPPINESS PROJECT.

  3. Congrats on the new job :) It's been way too long chica- we need to catch up soon! Good luck with the long days- you're amazing and you'll do great!

  4. Thank you so much guys!
    I appreciate your support, so much. <3