Wednesday, October 26, 2011

stripe vest

once in awhile, my dear friend megan from Lovely Happenings features
guest posts on her amazing blog. i love it when she does.
they are so much fun to participate in.

well, she's done it again! this time, she gave us this stripe Top Shop Tank,
and asked us to create an inspiration board on how to wear it.
be sure to check out everyone's style ideas!

here's what i would do:

stripe vest
it says hello comfort, style, and autumn! 

TopShop striped top
$60 -

$368 -

Flower skirt
79 AUD -

Pakerson lace up shoes
$549 -

Forever21 floral print handbag
$23 -

Polka dot jewelry

Pieces floral shawl
€17 -


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