Monday, August 20, 2012

25 things.

 as is my 25 by 26 list. goals/plans/dreams to shoot for/accomplish over the next year. i'll be honest-i'm feeling very (very) vulnerable about putting this out there for the world to see. but i'm on a mission to be accountable. so here goes!

25 by 26. the list.

1. become a full time artist.
2. stock my etsy shop. create, create, create.
3. visit connecticut, maine, west virginia.
4. get a (second!) tattoo.
5. connect with like-minded people.
6. do this!!
7. authenticity in everything.
8. honesty in everything.
9. meet mae chevrette.
10. spend time outdoors.
11. buy the camera of my dreams.
12. submit artwork to somerset - get it published!
13. pay off my car + student loans.
14. ride bikes with hubby.
15. float the river!
16. invite abundance into my life.
17.  grow a garden.
18. sew (1st up: curtains!).
19. spread love and happiness.
20. artwork photoshoot.
21. visit a pumpkin patch in the fall.
22. have as many fall adventures possible (best season EVER.).
23. have an art date.
24. get a monthly massage.
25. go on a road trip.

what is on your list of dreams?


  1. these are so wonderful, my friend. i am so proud (and inspired!) for your bravery.
    of course, i am ALL for #4! (in fact, i'm thinking it's time for tattoo #5 for myself... let's talk!)
    and i'd LOVE to be a part of #23. i actually have a painting-art date tomorrow evening. let's get together soon before the warmth of summer departs from our section of the planet.
    good luck on your goals, and i wish you the absolute best in all you do (and create).

    1. you are the sweetest!
      i can't wait to see your latest ink:). i need to get going if i am ever going to catch up to you!
      YES yes to a date, soon! i'd love to catch up...pumpkin spice lattes will be here before we know it!

  2. I am falling in love with your list. I had a lit when I was your age and almost everything got accomplished... time to start a new one.

    1. i love starting new lists! so much possibility and potential. thank you so much for the kind words!
      hope you are having a great week.