Friday, August 10, 2012

goals, revisited!

now that i am officially one year older (hello, 25!), i thought it might be a good idea to revisit my '24 by 25' list of goals. to be fair with myself, i started this list in december 2011- giving me about only about 8 months to see how many i could accomplish before my birthday. lists have always had a way of motivating me to get more done...i'm pretty pleased with the results!

1. visit maine, connecticut, and west virginia (for the first time!) 

2. create every day   
(this one morphed into not only creating art, but creating an artful life.)
 3. invest in a mac computer(!) and scanner

4. be happy
 5. learn photoshop (still learning!!)

6. take pretty pictures

7. three creative/meaningful blog posts per week

8. read
9. make dinner 2 nights a week

10. start an exercise program
11. write a letter to my pen pal every month
12. finish my wedding album- and print out some favorites!
13.surround myself with people who make me better

14. forest adventures with hubby

15. meet more artists  
(including: the lovely flora bowley at her book signing; susannah conway; was in the same room as mati rose-does this count? yes, i was star struck and unable to introduce myself. ha! )

16. buy only what i need (and shop locally!)
(for the most part, yes! although i did make a target run the other day and bought way too much. sometimes i revert back to my impulsive days. one step at a time!:)
17. art date with the lovely Katie Daisy! 
(well, it was more like a coffee/dreaming with a splash of photoshop tutorial date...still counts, in my opinion!)
18. coffee and junk shopping with mom

19. make pillows from my vintage doilies
20. date night with the hubby once a week
(we made a pact that this didn't have to mean 'go out and spend money'. our dates included: bike riding along the river. watching a movie. reading outside on a blanket. making dinner together. watching the sunset from our porch. moon-lit walks around the neighborhood).
21. find something good in each day

22. go to church!
23. participate in an art show

24. pay off my car loan and school debt
(i am happy to report that i am DANGEROUSLY close to this one! dangerously, friends!)

are you a list maker? what kinds of lists do YOU make?

i'm hard at work on my '25 by 26' list. it is growing quickly! it's up next, so stay tuned:).


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