Saturday, February 9, 2013

coaster art

i think it was in 2010, when i was just discovering my passion for art...i was at my parent's house for a weekend, and the only thing my mom had for creating on was a set of coasters. it was so much fun for me, i immediately went to the craft store and bought close to a dozen of those coaster sets that come in an unfinished wooden box. have you seen them?

anyway. after i returned back to my house, of course there were canvases to work on. and the coasters were forgotten. years went by. the coaster sets stayed cooped up in a drawer, taking up space. so a few months ago, i gave them away! (i've been on a real purging kick lately. feels good to have free space.)

hafiz love

and then, just last month, i got a create art on a coaster set. what are the chances?!

hafiz love

lucky for me, the craft store still had them in stock:).

hafiz love

so here is a peek at what i've been working on lately! they each have a beautiful hafiz saying on them. this last one is my very favorite.

 happy weekend to you, lovelies! it's already shaping up nicely over here, which i do believe is a good sign for weekend goodness to come. we're at the coast for a little getaway, and our fingers are crossed the weatherman is right! it's beautiful here.

what are you up to this weekend?


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  1. These are beautiful...I am drawn tithe bright lovely color and the heart lifting quotes!