Friday, May 31, 2013

all the moments we love

my hubby thinks i overdo-it when it comes to taking pictures. i just absolutely love capturing moments! especially since i got my first i-phone a few months ago...i mean, how easy is it for us now to document the goodness in every day?!
i feel super sad whenever i remember the fact that almost 100% of my photos are digital.

one rainy sunday last month, i decided to do something about that.
i created an account with shutterfly, and created a few memory books. it was a few hours of pure bliss, playing around on their site.

i wanted to show you the results! i used a bunch of my instagram i was a little apprehensive about the quality...lets just say, i could not be more thrilled! and i'm in the process of making more. beware of an addiction if you decide to begin this process! 

memories memories memories memories



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