Monday, May 6, 2013

You'll never know, dear

Have I mentioned my latest obsession with painting on vintage plaques these days? They are less expensive than regular canvas, ready to hang, and...just so dang cute!

This is one of the latest custom projects. Those gorgeous pink flowers in the background are evidence that my mom has been to visit recently! (She always brings flowers:)). 

I've been full on savoring every last drop of life these days. Art projects galore, soaking up sunshine, family time, coffee dates, road's the best kind of busy a gal can be, in my opinion.

This last weekend, my hubby and I road tripped to the coast...where at one point, it reached NINETY DEGREES! On the Oregon Coast?! I couldn't believe it. After a BBQ on Saturday, we went down to the river and laid on the grass, listening to the water move + the cool breeze whisper through the trees. I swear the grass was 10 degrees cooler than the pavement/gravel!

There is so much on my heart lately. I'm so full of gratitude + hope. I can't wait to share everything with you! When I'm a little more rested. For now, it's off to bed for this girl!



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