Thursday, June 6, 2013

loving lately

It's a Saturday market kind of day✨.

Farmer's Markets + lemonade + strawberries.

Summery dresses + sandals.


Saturdays spent with my mom, with no real agenda (other than pedicures!;)).

Adventures in trying out new recipes in the kitchen!


Walking outside to this view.

This band. And this one.

Almond Milk! Thank you, universe, for creating something so delicious.


This little guy. He makes our lives so much happier.

 Our flower-y front porch.


Sleeping in. Late. All weekend. (And waking up to him.)

Dreaming of a little cottage in the woods that we can call our own. 

be free

Studio time + tattoo dreaming.

Bike rides along the river.

We found so much beauty, peace, and inspiration here today.

Peaceful Saturdays spent outdoors with my love. 

What are you loving lately?
Happy June, friends!


1 comment:

  1. In no particular order, what I am loving: DREAMS that are similar to yours (TAT), LEMONADE! It represents good memories AND hopes for a easy summer. FARM STANDS. Can't stand how much I enjoy farm stands. Everytime I'm at one my heart and soul turn, immediately, to a really wonderful state. SLEEPING IN. Love everything about it.