Tuesday, July 23, 2013

epitome of happiness

This morning was the epitome of happiness in my book: a gorgeous (full) moon + a chill in the air + early morning fog. This is what I believe heaven will be like.

I grabbed some coffee and ran outside in my night dress so I could stand in all of the beauty. I'm not one for rushing, or wishing away the 'right now', but friends I have to be honest. I absolutely cannot wait for autumn to arrive.

foggy mornings

Back to school ads are out(!!). You may see my mom and I roaming the school supply aisles at Target. Buying new notebooks and fancy pens. We just can't help it!
As a kid, nothing made me excited quite like a new Lisa Frank binder and some colorful markers. Forget about the school clothes! I guess some things never change. :)


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  1. Your vision of what heaven will be like is inspiring....it's a worthwhile pass time to consider! Funny that I ever had to wonder what my love language is when my head was set to "lah lah lah lah" when reading these words: night dress....stand in all the beauty. Plus + when considering ROAMING the school supply aisles: I can just see us and feel myself wondering why there aren't more and more aisles.