Friday, August 30, 2013

i'm not sure what happens.

you begin each day with the best intentions
energy, inspiration.
and then, i'm not sure what happens...
maybe you hear a sad song or maybe those demons in your mind wont stop telling you lies
like you're not worthy

whatever it is, you realize the

and you're just stuck.

and all you want to do is eat another chocolate bar
hide under the covers
listen to the rain fall

it's okay to let it all drop sometimes
everyday does not have to be the most productive day of your life

and sometimes downtime can heal your soul
you know this, yet you continue to beat yourself up when you need rest

because you're working towards your dreams
you feel like you should never stop
i suppose this is a good thing (but we all need to rest sometimes)


  1. ...and you try to smile when you feel like crying...

  2. there's beauty in the breakdown <3
    have a nice rest, and know that it's a vital part of the process. Once you allow yourself that time without guilt, you'll be surprised at what happens.