Tuesday, August 27, 2013

late summer at our house

lace live light candles

warrior rock by my dear friend catina jane!
gorgeous artwork by cori dantini
coffee all day floral love explore oh deer.

My hubby loves to travel to Alaska for a little 'man time' during August each year.

A favorite thing to do while he is away is rearrange + nest + treasure hunt. I tend to take a break from routine while he's gone. It is nice to have a reprieve from what is 'normal' every once in awhile.
I tend to miss him almost immediately after I drop him off at the airport...but, I suppose what they say is true- absence makes the heart grow fonder. :)

Being home alone for over a week means sleeping in. Or waking up before the sun to paint. It means eating cereal for any meal that I feel like, and having Gilmore Girl marathons way more than I care to tell.  It also means coffee at Rosie's. Actually sitting there. People watching or reading a book, or writing. Pure bliss!

What are some of your favorite things to do with alone time?



  1. My husband does a solo camping trip in june when school gets out & the kids & I tend to just let it all go & veg: order pizza, watch endless Brady Bunch, forget to load the dishwasher (brian isn't a drill sergeant but I 'll admit he is the brains behind most exercise & healthy eating in our home :)

    Usually at some point in the summer Brian will take the kids to his mom's house for a few days & leave me with pure alone time. Sigh... the minute they leave I clean the kitchen (no dirty dishes calling to me during MY time) & then I look at the movie showings & choose one (or more). I thrift around, go as slowly as i need to, check out the places i always mean to when i have the time. Go to my movies, head home to make stuff & watch more movies.... It is treasured time for me ♥ (& apparently i need to write my own blog post about it :)

    Thanks for the fun question! I love your darling home... & that white banner! Beatuiful!

  2. I absolutely love seeing what artists' homes look like... and it's so cool to see that your artistic style comes through in your decorating style!! Love all of the bright and cheerful colors. Enjoy your down time, August is great for that <3

  3. I love how you have decorate your house it is gorgeous. Down time for me at the moment is reading a book in bed for hours with the electric blanket on and my cat snuggled up next to me.