Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I'm so grateful that with each new day comes a fresh start; the chance to begin again.
To make today better than the one before.
To remember His love and grace, and to hold close that it's not about our circumstances,
but how we react to them.

Last weekend, our truck was stolen right from my in-law's driveway. It was recovered shortly after we discovered it had been stolen (we are SO thankful for that!) and now we're counting blessings and vowing not to let this violation harden our hearts. The vandalism and stolen property we're facing now is only an obstacle - and it's one that we will get through.
Sometimes mind-set is everything.

Also, I cannot lie: it made me very happy last night when my husband told me I was strong-willed.
That was meant to be a compliment, right? ;)



  1. How wonderful that His mercies are new everyday! So glad it worked out with your truck, blessings!

  2. Strong-willed is definitely a compliment in my book. :) :) I'm sorry to hear about your truck... :( A violation indeed. I pray thoughts of grace and hope for you.

    1. Sweet Sara, that means so very much. Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts! <3 xo

  3. Sorry to read about your truck! But love your words of His grave and love! You are an inspiration with your beautiful art and beautiful posts! xx

    1. Well you've just made my morning, Angie. Thank you! Hope you have a beautiful day.