Monday, June 9, 2014

Today is a gift

Dear beautiful you,
I hope as you read this you're surrounded by goodness. Maybe a candle and something delicious to sip on. Maybe some music or your favorite show playing in the background. Maybe an open window with a view of something pretty, where you can hear the birds sing. (It all comes down to the little things, doesn't it?) Whatever it is, I hope you're being good to yourself. (You deserve it!)

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling tired. To feel like I'm running this race - not sure yet where the finish line lies. Weary and needing desperately to slow it down to at least a walking pace; but more than that, just some time to let it all fall apart. It gets exhausting trying to hold it all together.

If this is how you're feeling lately, I can relate, dear one. Big time.

Since our move just one short month ago, we've hit the ground running. Long work days and working weekends and commutes and house hunting. Until we're beating our heads against the wall in frustration and sheer exhaustion.

You can imagine what an unexpected and beautiful surprise it was to find myself with an entire day of complete freedom a few days ago. It happened overnight- all of the meetings and the day full of things, things, things whittled down to nothing. Nothing on the calendar. Oh, how my heart sang with gratitude for so much possibility in the hours ahead of me.

Sure, I spent the morning cleaning the bathroom and folding laundry. But you know what? The entire time I spent rejoicing and saying to myself 'today is a gift. today is such a beautiful gift'.

And then I realized how easily I forget this is still true, every single day of my life.
Each day is a gift. Even with the long work hours and commutes and house hunting and house offers that fall through...each day is a beautiful gift. <3

I will continue to hold this reminder dear in the days to come. 

And of course my reward for cleaning the bathroom and folding laundry was a lovely trip through the flowers at my favorite farm.
Dreaming of a place to call our own, with room to plant lovelies just like this. <3



  1. Beautifully written. You are so right, it's sad at how easily we forget that each day is a gift.

  2. So very true we all need a little reminder of how lucky we are and that each day is a beautiful gift for us to open.

  3. It's TRUE. Today IS a gift. Saying AMEN to your second paragraph and inspired more than ever to slow down and enjoy the scenery TODAY. Thank you for the beautiful images.

  4. I just found your blog and it's now my favorite!!! LOVE your color palette.