Monday, September 12, 2011

girl's got soul

this weekend i had a bit of a nervous breakdown. you see, i was in a complete and total music rut. for those of you who know me, you know that i am a music freak. have to have it. especially in the studio. (that is, when gilmore girls isn't playing in the background).

everything on my ipod is old. old cds. and neither of my stereos come in anywhere in my home!

whats a girl to do? i started messaging some of my friends for recommendations on new music.
and boy am i glad!

have you listened to this amazingly talented woman? i hadnt before this weekend. now i am hooked.

# 4  (Howl) and # 7 (Drumming Song) are on repeat. Love.


  1. She is fabulous. I also recommend Marina and the Diamonds.

  2. I know what our date can be now....GILMORE GIRLS with wine!!!!!!!!!! That show has been my all time favorite show for years!

  3. She is amazing- could listen to her all day. That and the Avett Brothers have been on repeat for the past month for study music.