Wednesday, September 21, 2011

its sew time.

this past weekend, mom came up to mill city to help get ready for an art/studio/home photoshoot with the very talented maria jean from Maria Jean Photography. you should check her out, she's pretty amazing!

of course i had about 10,000 ideas in my head that i hoped to get done before maria's arrival, and realistically, about enough time to get only one of them done.

i chose the project of making a pennant! on lunch breaks i had been scouring every craft and fabric store for the perfect pieces. these are a few of my favorites! scraps at the craftwarehouse in salem for .80 cents! could it get better?

loving mom's idea to hang it asymmetrically.
(and i promise, more, and much better photos on the way!)

mom set up my sewing machine for the first time since it was gifted to me (almost a year ago, for christmas!) i am so hooked now, i think everyone i know will get one!


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