Monday, September 5, 2011


hi friends, and happy holiday monday. i hope you get to spend your day doing exactly what you like. at least that is my motto for today. i've been up since 4:50am (yikes that's early. even for me!) and the creative juices haven't stopped yet. today in the studio is a bit like a dream. quiet house, a fresh breeze blowing through the open windows, crickets chirping, and my mind and soul completely lost in the work i'm doing - love!

today, i want to share with you a few truths i bet you don't know about me. random? yes! entertaining? absolutely!

1. i have a thing for wasabi peas. since discovering them, i've been obsessed. i buy them in bulk from winco.

2. for two summers during college, i was a wildland firefighter for the forest service. it's where i met the hubby! this time of year always takes me back to those days.

3. halloween is (and always has been) hands down, my favorite holiday. and fall is my favorite season. every year, the month of october is always overflowing with autumn festivities. there are pumpkin patch visits, haunted corn mazes, pumpkin carving parties, long walks through the woods the admire the changing leaves, etc. etc.

4. the only broken bone i've had was my wrist, in 7th grade. rollerblading incident.

5. someday i plan to road trip across the u.s. in a blue vw bus.destination: maine.

6. i have never purchased beef from a grocery store. we eat deer and elk meat that one of the boys in my family harvested with their bow. (but usually, im a chicken kind of girl.)



  1. I LOVE Halloween and there really any other time of year?!?!?! :) Hugs Mary!