Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY woodsy necklace!

ever since collage posted about these goodies
to make mini terrariums, i have
been chomping at the bit to get up to portland for the supplies to make a few of my own.

this weekend, my dreams came true! mom and i were in portland for something completely un-related, and what do you know?! collage was on the very street as our original destination. fate? i think so.


i just love all things miniature. look at the mini bottles! love. those little hook thingys? just screw them into the cork and you are ready to thread your necklace chain through.


the second i arrived back home i cleared off my art table and made these little babies. perfect autumn accessory, don't you think?

have you been to collage, by the way? coolest art supply store, ever. i think we were there an hour, and that was not nearly enough time!



  1. These are absolutely darling! Gah, sometimes I wish I didn't live in such a desolate area so I could get to a craft store!

    ♥ Em