Friday, September 21, 2012


1. i want to be a hippy. pretty badly. truth is, as much as i can identify with the free spirit concept, i am a planner. to a fault.

2. i am a home body. the perfect evening or weekend, in my eyes, consists of lit candles, maybe a glass of wine, a home-cooked meal, and a neighborhood walk with the hubby.

3. i am an early bird; naturally waking at 6am. often, i set my alarm for 5:30 so i can start my day with a few hours in the studio.

4. i still think of myself as age 22.

5.  every fall, i wish i worked at a produce stand. or as a berry picker.

6. i miss corvallis restaurants. local boys, la roca, shogun bowl.

7. my favorite adult beverage is a lemon drop. it used to be a good gin and tonic...until one fateful night (my brother's 21st) when i may or may not have consumed an entire bottle!

8. i want to live in a cottage nestled in the forest.

9. i've owned the same tired pair of running shoes since my sophomore year of high school! that's TEN years! 

10. i feel like the last person in the world who doesn't own an iphone. truth: i am resisting! i like being able to easily unplug. 

11. even after 6 years of togetherness, my hubby is still on my mind, everyday. 

12. i've never owned a pair of "expensive" jeans. although i did once buy a pair of banana republic jeans for $4 at goodwill! :)

13. i prefer dresses over jeans, anyday.

14. i can't wait to snuggle with my best friends daughter, penny:)

15. some days are a struggle. i've gotten rather good at mind over matter.

16. even though he is my baby brother, he always sticks up for me. i'm the luckiest sister.

what are your truths, friend?



  1. My truths? I am a happy bird! I am inspired to craft a thoughtful list while sitting at a coffee shop ASAP. LISTS. I love them! (That's the truth.) Dishes? don't like putting them away. (That's the truth!) Dreams? Haven't had them for awhile. (That's the truth)

    1. hooray for making lists at coffee shops! one of my favorite past times. get busy on that list of dreams, girl!

  2. you can be your won hippy: home body, planner one ;-)