Monday, September 3, 2012

flower shadows

today is one of those amazingly relaxed days, where structure and to-do lists are non-existent. where the crisp, almost-autumn breeze blows through my open windows, and the crickets sing their songs to me. these are the kinds of days that allow me to re-charge my batteries. where i'm able to indulge in any sort of whim my mind may think up. like sleeping in til 8. going for a mid-afternoon run. re-arranging the living room. making a second pot of coffee. organizing my messy studio. it's pure bliss.

i'm loving the slow on-set of autumn. with every fiber of my being. the sun is still so warm, but there is definitely something in the air that warns of a change coming. the best change that happens all year. i'm planning on soaking up as much autumn as i can stand. (is it too early to get out the halloween decorations? haha. just kidding...kind of:))



  1. I love your nail polish color. It is so cute!

  2. Today was a seriously good day :] I totally feel the same way about Autumn, it's not quite there yet - but it's coming and it feels great. Some of the leaves are changing but it's still warm. Speaking of Halloween decorations, I saw some up already!

    ♥ Emily