Friday, July 6, 2012

collecting faces.

these past few weeks i've been having the time of my life, playing around with image-transferring. it has quickly become my latest addiction. i've been asking friends and family members for all sorts of photos to alter and splatter paint on. i'm working on quite the collection of faces!

the pieces below are hanging right now at the cutest little coffee shop in florence, oregon. if you are in the area you should check them out!

celebrate your bravery <3

i am free

shine bright (brave soul)

cartwheels. this one is of the hubby's grandparents. darling, no?


happy friday, friends!
i am just thrilled that we have a weekend ahead of us.
what is on your weekend agenda?
my house will be quiet, so i'm looking forward to long hours in the studio. and perhaps a hike or two.
soo happy the sun has finally decided to stay awhile. it's been too long.



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