Tuesday, July 10, 2012

to belong

this is my 'eeek! i'm going to kelly rae robert's studio!' outfit. i've been obsessed with wearing dresses over jeans lately. (truth be told, these old things are supposed to be capris. :) what's a short girl to do?)

mom and i had an amazingly fun road-trip to portland yesterday to listen to Susannah Conway read from her book 'this i know'.  it was beautiful. the space. the women who filled the space. i left there feeling so inspired. and also feeling a slight sense of longing. the desire to really belong. mostly, to belong to a creative community, where fellow women/artists are truly friends who help one another, listen, laugh, play, create.

as i was reading Susannah's book in the car a few days ago, the sunlight fell just right on these words. i love this picture. you ARE amazing.

i'm curious - what tribe do you belong to, or wish you belonged to? do tell!

i hope today is a beautiful day.



  1. Hi Mary, I just found your website through Kelly Rae Roberts, and it's lovely. Full of inspiration. xx

  2. Hi Kelly!
    Thank you for stopping by - nice to meet you! :)

  3. I think because being an artist can be quite solitary, we can crave that community with other like-minded artists/creative types. But the problem (at least that I have found) is finding that community where you feel like you fit. I'm still looking for the artists/women to be that encouraging group to be apart of. They must be out there! haha
    Or maybe we have to start them ourselves?

  4. You are absolutely right! I think we do have to start them ourselves!