Tuesday, July 24, 2012

coffee dates with mom = magic

it was a 'let's share a pot of coffee' kind of day.
the kind of days my mom and i have when we are together. always.

if she is with me (in mill city), we set out for rosie's. i'll usually choose a caramel sauce americano with a splash of cream. mom likes hers with hazelnut. plus, we have to have a homemade scone. (of course!). or a cinnamon roll. both are to die for.

anyway. we like to sit at one of the little tables dressed with vintage floral linens. we mostly talk. sometimes people watch. always have the best time.

it doesn't really matter where we are - we'll always stop for coffee. often we grab something delicious when we're going shopping, so we can sip + savor while we roam the aisles. looking for nothing in particular. it is one of our favorite things to do. so much inspiration is to be found while wandering. my mom is the best at it.

i'm sure if we were neighbors, we would have freshly brewed coffee every morning, on the porch. watching the fog disappear and the sun begin to shine.
for now, i'll settle for our coffee dates. they are magic.


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