Friday, July 13, 2012

california love

here is the latest (custom) piece, finished bright and early this morning.

california love.
for our honeymoon, the hubby and i road tripped along hwy 101, and our last stop was cresent city, CA. we walked amongst the amazing redwoods and put our toes in the ocean. my dad was born there, and spent the first 7 years of his life there  (where he rode all the way across the golden gate bridge, by himself!) i smile as i write this, imagining my dad as a little boy. anyway. i think it is high time for another road trip to this beautiful sunny state, dont you? :)

hope you have the best weekend, lovelies.
i'm ready:)

i put together a "weekend wish list" of sorts, in my mind today.
1. coffee date with the hubby
2. long bike ride along the river
3. basking in the sunshine, with my book and ice-cold lemonaide
4. lots and lots of quiet painting time in the studio

what's on your weekend wish list?



  1. you are adorable and incredibly talented. Hope all is well. I miss you.


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