Monday, July 2, 2012

take me to the ocean

here we are at Old Town Coffee Co - just after viewing all of the wonderful artwork in the mini art show.
happy july, friends! i hope your summer is off to an amazing start. we are enjoying life over here lately- taking time to notice and savor the small moments. (it's all in the details.) like sleeping in. beach walks. holding hands. stopping for coffee. delicious food (hello, bbq!). afternoon naps.

this weekend was pure heaven, after a loooong two weeks of early rising and falling into bed after midnight. i had been working 'round the clock on some brand new pieces to enter into an art show in hubby's hometown (florence, or), and between the day job and everything else, i can honestly say i know what it feels like sleep walk through the day. :)

i'm drinking an americano w/ a hint of caramel sauce + a splash of cream. he's having a chai:)

karl grew up on the coast, so when we go 'home', he could really take or leave visiting the ocean. not me though! there's something about being on the beach that makes me feel so alive. maybe it's the combination of wind whipping through my hair and the salty air? either way, i almost always make him take me to my favorite spot.

it was windy and cloudy this weekend, but it made no difference. :) gorgeous, isn''t it?!

do tell me friends, how was your weekend?
any fun summer plans?



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